Anya Taylor-Joy & Malcolm McRae's Wedding: Love, Music, and Glamour

It seems love was in the air when Anya Taylor-Joy, the dazzling A-list actor known for her spellbinding roles in "The Queen's Gambit," "The Witch," and more, decided to take a plunge into marital bliss with musician and model, Malcolm McRae.

Wait, when did this happen? Well, it turns out that this celebrity couple decided to keep their love affair mostly under wraps. They secretly tied the knot in an intimate courthouse wedding back in 2022. But that's not the end of the story. They recently treated us to a grand celebration in the romantic city of Venice, Italy, giving us all the feels.

The Venue: Palazzo Pisani Moretta in Venice

The venue is nothing short of a fairy tale setting. Palazzo Pisani Moretta in Venice, a place that oozes elegance and history from every corner. This stunning palace played host to the couple's extravagant celebration, and you can only imagine the magic that must have unfolded within its opulent walls.

The icing on the wedding cake is the star-studded guest list that had us all starry-eyed. When Anya and Malcolm said "I do" once again, they were joined by approximately 150 guests, and it reads like a who's who of Hollywood. Think Cara Delevingne, Nicholas Hoult, and Julia Garner. Now that's a guest list that would make anyone's jaw drop.

The Love Story

How Anya Taylor-Joy and Malcolm McRae Met?

Their story begins at a "Queen's Gambit" premiere event in March 2021. It was there that sparks flew, and their love story began to unfold. Just two days after that event, McRae, who's got some serious musical talent, penned a song aptly titled "Really Want to See You Again" about none other than Taylor-Joy. Now, if that's not a swoon-worthy beginning, I don't know what is!

McRae's Musical Talent and Band "more*"

Malcolm McRae's is the frontman of a two-piece rock band called "more*," and their music is nothing short of sensational. Think catchy pop-rock tunes and an emotive singing voice that'll leave you craving more. What's more impressive is that they're signed to Warner Records and even toured with the hipster-rock sensations, Haim.

Anya Taylor-Joy & Malcolm McRae Instagram(malcolmmcrae)
Image Source: Instagram (malcolmmcrae)

Anya Taylor-Joy, the Miami-born star with a global presence, has a special connection to Alabama. In December 2022, she was spotted at an Alabama Ballet performance in Birmingham. And the previous year, she spent Thanksgiving right there in Alabama. It's where she first got a taste of American football and those delectable sweet potatoes with marshmallows. She even shared her Alabama experiences on "Live with Kelly and Ryan."

As for their relationship, it's been a whirlwind two-and-a-half-year journey. They were first spotted together in public in May 2021 in New York, and since then, they've kept their love largely away from the public eye. It's the kind of low-key relationship that many celebs aspire to have.

The Wedding

Anya Taylor-Joy and Malcolm McRae sure know how to keep us on our toes, don't they?

First up, let's rewind to 2022 when this dynamic duo surprised us all with an intimate courthouse wedding. It was a hush-hush affair, and the world was left guessing. But hold on, that wasn't the end of the story. They had something grander in store.

Fast forward to the present, and we find ourselves in the enchanting city of Venice, Italy. This is where the magic truly happened. Anya and Malcolm, joined by approximately 150 guests, transformed the Palazzo Pisani Moretta into a wedding wonderland.

Taylor-Joy's Stunning Custom Dior Dress

Anya Taylor-Joy's wedding attire was nothing short of a masterpiece. She donned a custom Dior gown that left us all in awe. This gothic beige creation, adorned with delicate birds and floral details, was a sight to behold. A true fashion icon, indeed.

The Couple's Journey

Taylor-Joy and McRae’s have managed to keep their romance largely out of the public eye. Their love blossomed quietly and steadily, away from the paparazzi's constant glare.

When Anya Taylor-Joy does speak about Malcolm McRae, it's nothing short of heartwarming. She once affectionately referred to him as her "hobby," explaining that they share a unique bond that transcends the ordinary. According to her, they're like an old married couple, despite their relatively young ages. It's this kind of adoration that makes us root for them even more.

For a while, whispers and rumors swirled that the couple had secretly tied the knot during the summer of 2022. The details were elusive, and no photos from a ceremony had surfaced. It left fans and media outlets alike in a state of curiosity.

But just when we thought the mystery would remain unsolved, Anya Taylor-Joy dropped a bombshell. At Paris Fashion Week, she was overheard introducing Malcolm McRae as "Ese es mi marido," which translates to "That is my husband." It was a candid and unexpected revelation that finally put an end to the secret wedding speculations.

Upcoming Projects

First, let's talk music. Malcolm McRae, with his band "more*," has some major plans in the pipeline. They're gearing up to drop a full-length album that promises to be a musical masterpiece. With McRae's emotive singing voice and the band's catchy pop-rock tunes, we're in for a treat. Keep your ears tuned for more*.

On the other hand, Anya Taylor-Joy is set to grace the big screen once again in the highly anticipated "Mad Max: Fury Road" prequel, "Furiosa." The excitement in the air is palpable as we eagerly await her performance in what is sure to be a blockbuster hit.

So, while the couple's love story has taken center stage, their professional lives are soaring to new heights. It's safe to say that we'll be hearing a lot more from them in the near future.

Wrap up

The mesmerizing journey of Anya Taylor-Joy and Malcolm McRae, culminating in a wedding extravaganza has left us all spellbound. It's a story that's as enchanting as it is heartwarming.

As we bid adieu to this chapter of their lives, we can't help but look forward to what lies ahead. McRae's band, "more*," is set to conquer the music scene with their upcoming full-length album, and Taylor-Joy is poised to shine once again on the silver screen in "Furiosa." The future is bright for these two incredibly talented individuals, and we can't wait to see their star power continue to rise.

So, let's raise a toast to Anya Taylor-Joy and Malcolm McRae, not just for their beautiful wedding but also for the love, talent, and excitement they bring to the entertainment world. Here's to love, here's to music, and here's to the movies.

Cheers to the power couple of the hour!

Anya Taylor-Joy & Malcolm McRae's Wedding

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