'Argylle' (2024) Explained: Spy Games, Ending, Sequel & Kingsman Connection

Matthew Vaughn's directorial masterpiece, "Argylle," takes audiences on a rollercoaster ride of unexpected twists and turns. As we delve into the conclusion of this spy thriller, the ending sets the stage for an enthralling connection to the renowned Kingsman franchise.

At first glance, "Argylle" seems to follow the conventional spy movie narrative, with protagonist Elly Conway navigating a labyrinth of espionage and deception. However, the conclusion of this cinematic journey throws in a gamechanger that leaves viewers on the edge of their seats. The revelation of the real Agent Argylle adds a layer of complexity, and the mid-credits scene ties the narrative seamlessly to the Kingsman universe.

The surprising twist comes as Elly Conway, portrayed by the talented Bryce Dallas Howard, unravels her past life as a CIA agent. As the credits roll, and the dust settles on the explosive climax, one cannot help but contemplate the significance of the mid-credits scene. The introduction of the real Agent Argylle, portrayed by the charismatic Henry Cavill, sets the stage for a sequel that promises to explore the intricate web of connections between Elly and the elusive spy.

This revelation, reminiscent of a well-crafted espionage novel, leaves us with questions that beg answers. Who is Agent Argylle, and how does he fit into Elly's narrative? The narrative takes an interesting turn, bringing to light a character who was, until now, confined to the realm of Elly's imagination.

Recapping the Explosive Ending of 'Argylle'

As the ending kicks off, Elly, or rather the brainwashed super-agent Rachel Kylle, showcases her lethal abilities, seemingly reuniting with her sinister superiors, Ritter and Ruth. The narrative takes a poignant turn as Elly, under the guise of loyalty, orchestrates a shocking betrayal. A well-timed email from an anonymous super-fan provides the clever idea to shoot her former lover, Aidan, near the heart, creating the illusion of a fatal blow. This twist, though unexpected, sets the stage for a cascade of thrilling events.

Aidan and Elly - Argylle 2024 - Universal Pictures
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Aidan, resilient and alive, rises from the apparent demise, subduing his captors alongside Elly. The duo reunites in a mesmerizing dance-fight sequence, illuminated by bursts of colorful smoke, as they confront Ritter's army of goons. The stakes are high as they navigate the perilous terrain of Ritter's oil tanker headquarters.

The mission takes a dramatic turn as Elly and Aidan aim to electronically expose Ritter by sending incriminating evidence to their ally, "Alfie" (Samuel L. Jackson), on his vineyard. The sitcom stars in their 60s, known for shows like Malcolm in the Middle and Schitt’s Creek, prove to be unlikely physical foes for the romantically entangled super-spies.

The climactic showdown unfolds as Ritter meets his demise at the claws of Kylle's trusty feline companion, Alfie, exacting a poetic form of payback for the abuse suffered by the loyal cat, . However, Ruth, the psychological puppeteer, remains a formidable adversary. Using a music box with a tune deeply ingrained in Kylle's brainwashing, Ruth manipulates her into turning against Aidan.

Alfie and Elly - Argylle 2024 - Universal Pictures
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With the music playing, Kylle is ensnared, unable to complete the crucial task of sending evidence to "Alfie." Just when all seems lost, an unknown figure, fully clothed and shrouded in mystery, intervenes just in time, knocking Ruth unconscious. The resolution of this intense sequence leaves us on the edge of our seats, eager to unravel the aftermath and discover the identity of the mysterious savior.

Who is Agent Argylle?

As the dust settles on the explosive escapade of "Argylle," we find ourselves contemplating the mysterious revelation that adds an intriguing layer to Elly Conway's world. The closing scenes introduce a character portrayed by none other than Henry Cavill, leaving us with the burning question: who is Agent Argylle?

Keira - Argylle 2024 - Universal Pictures
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The plot takes an unexpected turn as Keira (Ariana DeBose), the once presumed deceased real-world counterpart of the fictional figure in Elly's books, unveils herself as the anonymous fan who guided Elly through the tumultuous events. The trio, including Elly and her partner Aidan, escapes the oil tanker's destruction, providing a sense of closure to the high-stakes climax.

However, the narrative takes an enticing twist at a promotional event celebrating the publication of Conway’s latest book. A participant, resembling the envisioned Agent Argylle from Elly's books, stands up with a question, triggering a cascade of emotions for our protagonist. This heavily bearded figure with a deep Southern accent and a distinctive curly mullet captures Elly's attention, leaving her in a state of stunned disbelief.

The real Agent Argylle (Henry Cavill) - Argylle 2024 - Universal Pictures
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The suspense builds as the figure, now revealed as the real Agent Argylle (Henry Cavill), opens the floor for questions from Elly. The enigmatic Southern charm and the uncanny resemblance to Elly's literary creation create an air of anticipation.

Why Did Agent Argylle Chose This Particular Moment To Reveal Himself: Theories

Argylle's knowledge about Agent Argylle's presence in Elly's book suggests a level of self-awareness, yet he hints at undiscovered facets, leaving Elly and the audience yearning for more revelations. The turn of events catches Elly off guard, creating an air of suspense as she grapples with the realization that the once-fictional spy has materialized into reality.

The real Agent Argylle (Henry Cavill) - Argylle 2024 - Universal Pictures
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As we reflect on the unfolding mysteries, the question arises: why has Agent Argylle chosen this particular moment to make himself known? Is he a mere figment of her imagination brought to life, or does he hold the key to untold secrets from Elly's espionage-filled past? With six books already penned by Elly, the timing of this revelation raises curiosity.

The possibilities abound – perhaps Argylle, aware of Elly’s brainwashing and amnesia, chose this moment of clarity to reveal himself. Alternatively, he may have been on a covert mission, preventing him from reaching out to Elly until the opportune moment. Or maybe he is a CIA operative, and his role extends beyond the realms of conventional espionage.

As we contemplate the implications of Henry Cavill's character, we are left to ponder the role Agent Argylle plays in Elly's life. The abrupt roll of credits hints at a sequel in the making, promising to unravel the complexities surrounding Agent Argylle and potentially setting the stage for a captivating franchise.

Elly Conway's Real Identity: The Spy Within

The layers of Elly Conway's identity peel away to reveal a shocking truth that reshapes our understanding of the espionage-laden world she inhabits. What initially seemed like a mere spy novelist's imaginative foray into a world of intrigue turns out to be an intricate tapestry woven with the threads of Elly's covert past.

Elly Conway at her Book Conference - Argylle 2024 - Universal Pictures
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Elly, originally believing herself to be a mere writer who conjured Argylle's spy world from her creative depths, discovers an astonishing reality. Beneath the facade of a novelist, she is Rachel Kylle, a seasoned spy operative with the CIA. The fictional character Argylle finds its roots in the abbreviated version of her name — Agent R. Kylle. The revelation uncovers a partnership with Aidan and collaborative missions alongside Keira, shattering the illusion of Elly's ordinary life.

The plot thickens as we learn that a fall led to Rachel's amnesia, providing the perfect opportunity for Ruth and Ritter, the heads of the Division, to intervene. Through manipulation and brainwashing, they crafted a false reality for Rachel, adopting the roles of her faux parents to ensure her allegiance remained with the Division, suppressing any inclination to return to the CIA.

A surprising twist adds another layer to Elly's true identity — she was a double agent, skillfully playing both sides of the espionage game. This revelation explains the ease with which Ruth and Ritter apprehended her, keeping her under their control. Aidan, her partner, remained oblivious to this crucial detail until Elly lost her memories.

Aspects of Elly's fabricated life were curated from real skills, such as her proficiency in ice skating. The line between the constructed and the authentic become hazy, showcasing the complexity of Elly's existence. The lingering question emerges: will she choose to return to the CIA now that her once-secret identity is public knowledge?

Elly's Dilemma: The Twist of Betrayal and Loyalty

In the intricate dance of alliances and betrayals within "Argylle," one pivotal twist stands out — Elly's shocking revelation as a double agent, navigating the treacherous waters between the CIA and the Division.

Elly Conway holding the Cat - Argylle 2024 - Universal Pictures
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Elly's role as Bakunin's primary contact unveils a clandestine connection to the elusive master list, a document of utmost importance in the clandestine world of spies. However, the plot takes an unexpected turn as Elly, wielding her lethal skills, decides to silence Bakunin after he sends the list to Saba.

The motive behind Elly's drastic action lies in a strategic gamble — by eliminating Bakunin, she ensures that she alone possesses the knowledge of the master list's destination. This calculated move aims to safeguard her dual identity, preventing any chance of Bakunin revealing crucial information that could compromise her as a double agent.

Elly's decision to trust only herself with the master list's location reflects a deep-seated mistrust, a necessary precaution in the perilous game of espionage. Keeping Bakunin alive could have exposed her intricate web of alliances, potentially leading to her outing as a double agent.

While her actions may paint a picture of self-preservation, it's essential to unravel the layers of loyalty embedded in Elly's character. Despite her association with the Division, her primary allegiance remains with the CIA. Like her counterpart Keira, Elly infiltrates the Division's ranks with no intention of genuine collaboration. Instead, she strategically turns the tables, orchestrating a series of events that culminate in the master list falling into the hands of Solomon, the former deputy director of the CIA.

Elly's Psyche: The Mirage of Agent Argylle's Presence

In the realm of Elly Conway's consciousness, the presence of hallucinations, particularly the fictional Agent Argylle, adds a layer of complexity to her psychological journey throughout "Argylle."

Elly Conway - the thrilling train confrontation scene - Argylle 2024 - Universal Pictures
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The inception of Elly's hallucinations arises from the intricate interplay between her dual roles as a writer and a spy. Initially, the struggle to distinguish between the realms of reality and fantasy manifests in vivid visions of Argylle, especially during intense moments such as the thrilling train confrontation. In this climactic scene, Elly envisions Argylle seamlessly taking the place of Aidan, confusing between the tangible actions of her partner and the fictional exploits of the spy she crafted in her books.

As we proceed further in the narrative, the hallucinations of Agent Argylle evolve beyond mere visual spectacles. The fictional character transcends the boundaries of imagination, becoming a comforting presence for Elly in times of heightened tension and adrenaline. The hallucinatory Argylle emerges as a guiding force, speaking to Elly and offering words of reassurance, effectively boosting her confidence in the face of daunting challenges.

In essence, Agent Argylle becomes a manifestation of Elly's own consciousness, a reassuring echo of her capabilities and resilience. The hallucinated presence serves a purpose beyond mere illusion, acting as a psychological anchor that calms Elly and centers her focus during the chaotic mission unfolding around her.

Notably, as Elly's belief in her own abilities strengthens and she embraces her true identity as Rachel, the hallucinated specter of Agent Argylle gradually fades into the background. This symbolic disappearance marks a transformative moment, signifying Elly's transition from a world where reality and fiction intertwine to a grounded existence where she lives her truth without the need for the mirage of her fictional creation.

The Division's Machinations: Downfall and Potential Threats

The clandestine world of "Argylle" unveils the nefarious plans of The Division, an organization that went rogue in pursuit of controlling the master key – a pivotal element containing every agent's information.

The Division - Argylle 2024 - Universal Pictures
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The entire fate of The Division hinged upon Elly Conway, entangled in their web of reconnaissance. The organization strategically exploited her novels, using them as a tool to predict the master key's location and prevent it from falling into the hands of the CIA. The master key, a repository of critical information on Division agents, was retrieved from the hacker Bakunin, making it the linchpin of the organization's covert operations. To safeguard their anonymity, the only viable option was the destruction of this master key.

Elly, with her intimate knowledge of the master key's whereabouts, became an invaluable asset to The Division. Her survival was crucial, ensuring that she remained the sole possessor of this vital information. The revelation of Elly's true identity and her subsequent betrayal marked the unraveling of The Division's carefully crafted plans.

The climax of the narrative sees The Division exposed, their ship destroyed, and their grip on power shattered. However, the demise of this clandestine organization may not signal its complete obliteration. Lingering threats persist, with the potential for other high-ranking agents, who may not have been on the ill-fated ship or managed to escape, attempting to resurrect The Division. The shadows of revenge loom, especially against Elly, the erstwhile ally turned adversary.

Yet, in the wake of their public exposure and humiliation, the interim prognosis suggests a period of dormancy for The Division. The abrupt disruption of their operations, coupled with the loss of secrecy, forces them into a temporary retreat. The question remains: will The Division rise from the ashes, fueled by vengeance, or will they fade into obscurity, their once-formidable presence reduced to a mere memory?

Keira's Surprising Survival: The Vascular Corridor

Shot in the heart during a perilous mission, Keira defies the odds, emerging unscathed from what seemed like a fatal blow. The key to this miraculous survival lies in the ingenious application of the vascular corridor technique.

Keira, Wyatt and Agent Argylle - Argylle 2024 - Universal Pictures
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Elly, our astute storyteller, masterfully weaves a tale where this vascular corridor becomes a lifeline. Picture this: a near-fatal bullet hurtling towards the heart, its trajectory meticulously adjusted to navigate the vascular corridor. This surgical precision ensures that the bullet sidesteps the vital organ, harmlessly passing through the corridor. The crux of this technique lies in temporarily halting the blood flow, safeguarding the heart from any potential damage.

The intricacies of this life-saving maneuver come to light as Elly employs the same technique on Aidan, orchestrating a staged shooting in the presence of Division agents. This strategic use of the vascular corridor not only adds a layer of complexity to the narrative but also becomes a pivotal plot point in Keira's survival.

The revelation unfolds a fascinating connection to Elly's storytelling prowess. Keira, having experienced this life-saving technique firsthand, regurgitates the information acquired from Elly five years prior. It demonstrates the intricate web of narratives spun by our storyteller, where fiction and reality intertwine in a dance of survival.

Argylle's End-Credits Scenes

In a mid-credits scene that unfolds with cinematic finesse, the audience is transported 20 years into the past, a pivotal moment that predates the intense events of "Argylle." Here, we are introduced to the young Aubrey Argylle, portrayed by the Louis Partridge. As the scene unfolds, it becomes apparent that Aubrey is embarking on his inaugural mission as a Kingsman, adding an intriguing layer to the narrative.

Orlando Oxford and Conrad Oxford - The King's Man 2021 - 20th Century Studios
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This mid-credits revelation not only opens the door to a prequel that promises to delve into the early life and missions of Agent Argylle but also ties the cinematic universe to the well-established Kingsman franchise. This connection is accentuated by an establishing shot of a tavern named "The King's Man," an overt nod to the broader espionage world curated by Matthew Vaughn.

The post-credits scene, while leaving much to the imagination, confirms a substantial history between Agent Argylle and the covert Kingsman organization. Although not officially a member of Kingsman, the scene hints at a future where the paths of Argylle and Kingsman may intersect. The familiarity of characters, including the return of Henry Cavill with a distinctive mullet, adds an exciting layer to the crossover narrative.

Wrap Up

Elly Conway's true identity as a double agent adds a layer of complexity to the narrative. Her allegiance to both the CIA and the Division creates a web of alliances and betrayals, showcasing the intricate dance of espionage. The exposure of the nefarious Division, with the master key in Elly's possession, marks a significant turning point. While their power is diminished, the lingering threat of revenge looms on the horizon.

Matthew Vaughn's signature style of leaving cliffhangers and exploring the past and future of his films is evident in Argylle's conclusion. The enigmatic mid-credits scene not only suggests a connection to Kingsman but also sparks anticipation for sequels and a deeper exploration of Argylle's universe.

'Argylle' (2024) Explained Spy Games, Ending, Sequel & Kingsman Connection

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