"Best. Christmas. Ever!" (2023) Explained: Daniel's Fate, Ending & More

The 2023 Netflix original Christmas film, "Best. Christmas. Ever!" is a heartwarming festive flick that brings together an ensemble cast – Jason Biggs, Heather Graham, Brandy Norwood, and Matt Cedeño, ensuring a delightful viewing experience for the whole family.

"Best. Christmas. Ever!" dives headfirst into the seasonal magic we all crave. Set against the backdrop of Christmas, the film follows the lives of Charlotte (Heather Graham) and Rob (Jason Biggs), a couple navigating the complexities of family and the holiday season. The narrative takes an unexpected turn when they find themselves spending Christmas with Charlotte's former best friend, Jackie Jennings, portrayed by Brandy Norwood. The movie offers a perfect blend of classic Christmas songs sung by Norwood, familial dynamics, and a dash of holiday rivalry.

Plot Summary

The story kicks off with Charlotte and Rob, a couple looking forward to spending Christmas with Charlotte's sister. However, a mix-up in plans leads them to the doorstep of Jackie Jennings instead. Jackie Jennings' extravagant Christmas newsletters paint a picture of a flawless family life. Charlotte's skepticism grows as she suspects that Jackie's idyllic life might be too good to be true. This skepticism becomes the driving force behind a journey of uncovering the truth.

The Jennings Family Newsletter - Best. Christmas. Ever! 2023 - Netflix
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The turning point comes when Charlotte delves into the details of Jackie's annual Christmas letter, boasting about achievements that seem too extraordinary to be real. However, as the plot unfolds, the seemingly exaggerated claims in the newsletter start proving true, except for one heartbreaking omission.

The truth behind Daniel, Jackie's son, surfaces, revealing that he had passed away. This revelation shakes the foundations of Charlotte's skepticism and adds a poignant layer to the festive narrative. "Best. Christmas. Ever!" adeptly weaves a story of friendship, family, and the complexities that arise when our perceptions are challenged.

Jackie's Heavy News: Daniel's Fate

In "Best. Christmas. Ever!," the warmth of the holiday season is juxtaposed with the revelation surrounding Jackie Jennings' family, particularly her son, Daniel. The claims in the newsletter range from her daughter's early admission to Harvard to her husband's thriving karate dojo. While skepticism surrounds these achievements, the movie cleverly unfolds, validating most of these boasts.

Charlotte and Jackie - Best. Christmas. Ever! 2023 - Netflix
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Amidst the joyous claims in the newsletter, one heartbreaking truth emerges – the passing of Jackie's son, Daniel. The movie delicately handles this revelation, explaining that Daniel's commendable work in Africa, as highlighted in the newsletter, was being carried out through a memorial fund established in his name. Although the circumstances of Daniel's death remain vague, the weight of grief within the Jennings family becomes palpable.

The decision to conceal Daniel's fate in the Christmas newsletter adds a poignant layer to the narrative. Jackie, in her attempt to maintain a cheerful facade during the holiday season, opts not to disclose the heavy news of her son's passing. This choice, while understandable, highlights the complexities of grief and the lengths to which one might go to protect the spirit of the season.

Rob's Secret Christmas Letters

As Charlotte finds herself in the midst of investigating Jackie's seemingly perfect life, she stumbles upon a letter addressed to Jackie from none other than her own husband, Rob. This discovery triggers suspicion, especially given Rob and Jackie's past romantic involvement during their college days. Charlotte, brings forth the nuances of a wife questioning the secrets her husband may be harboring.

Rob and Jackie Sing song - Best. Christmas. Ever! 2023 - Netflix
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The revelation unfolds as Rob confesses that he has been writing annual Christmas newsletters for a group of friends for years, keeping this tradition a well-guarded secret from Charlotte. The purpose of these letters is not merely to share updates but, in fact, to create a narrative that paints a rosy picture of their life. Rob's intention was to shield Charlotte from the harsh reality that she was not entirely content with their family's circumstances.

Rob's Secret Christmas Letters - Best. Christmas. Ever! 2023 - Netflix
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As Charlotte delves into the contents of Rob's hidden Christmas letters, a wave of realization washes over her. She discovers the effort Rob has put into crafting a facade of a perfect life for the sake of their family's happiness. This revelation prompts a newfound appreciation in Charlotte for the life they have built together. The movie adeptly portrays the intricacies of relationships, where sometimes, gestures of love and effort go unnoticed.

Encounter with Santa Claus?

After the spectacular Christmas pageant featuring a solar-powered hot air balloon and Santa's sleigh, Charlotte finds herself in a moment of enchantment. Landing on the ground, she encounters an old man who seems to possess an uncanny knowledge of her name and disappears mysteriously in a puff of smoke. This unexpected encounter sparks a question in the minds of viewers – was that the real Santa Claus?

Santa - Best. Christmas. Ever! 2023 - Netflix
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The movie subtly introduces a magical element with the old man's appearance, leaving us to ponder the possibility of Santa's existence in this festive tale. The mysterious stranger, who seemingly knows Charlotte and vanishes magically, aligns with the whimsical spirit of Christmas. While the plot itself doesn't explicitly confirm Santa's presence, it leaves the door ajar for viewers to entertain the idea.

The appearance of the old man, possibly Santa Claus, carries symbolic weight in "Best. Christmas. Ever!" It marks the culmination of Charlotte's extraordinary efforts to bring joy and belief to a crowd of kids during the Christmas pageant. If there's one Christmas movie trope that could bring Santa to life, it's the collective belief and spirit of the season. The encounter symbolizes the depth of Charlotte's Christmas spirit and the potential magic embedded in the festive celebration.

The Enigma of Monkey Bob

In "Best. Christmas. Ever!," one character stands out as a delightful mystery – Monkey Bob. This stuffed monkey, belonging to Grant, Charlotte and Rob's son, adds an unexpected layer of intrigue to the festive narrative. Grant's personification of Monkey Bob introduces a charming childhood fantasy. The stuffed monkey, seemingly a mere toy, soon reveals itself as more than just a plaything.

Grant's Monkey Bob - Best. Christmas. Ever! 2023 - Netflix
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Despite the grounded nature of the movie, Monkey Bob's actions raise questions about its sentience. Grant attributes various actions and ideas to Monkey Bob, suggesting a level of awareness that goes beyond typical imaginary play. From helping to snatch a fake Santa's beard to influencing decisions that impact the storyline, Monkey Bob becomes an enigma that adds a touch of magic to the otherwise realistic setting.

The appearance of Santa Claus in the storyline further deepens the mystery surrounding Monkey Bob. If the magical old man could materialize after Charlotte's extraordinary act during the Christmas pageant, could Monkey Bob, too, be more than just a stuffed toy? The connection between Monkey Bob's influence on events and the magical occurrences in the movie opens the door to speculation about the broader enchantment woven into the narrative.

Financial Rollercoaster

Charlotte, fueled by newfound appreciation and the desire to surprise her husband, Rob, decides to give him the ultimate Christmas gift – securing a mortgage for his dream home. This gesture of love and generosity sets the stage for what promises to be a festive season filled with joy and dreams coming true.

Rob and Charlotte - Best. Christmas. Ever! 2023 - Netflix
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However, the joy is short-lived as a video surfaces showcasing a technological mishap involving the StarTech robotic vacuum cleaner, causing a significant dip in the company's stock. The financial stability that seemed secured suddenly hangs in the balance, turning the tide for Charlotte and Rob. The once-promising future of their dream home becomes uncertain.

Amidst the looming financial crisis, a surprising twist occurs with Jackie's intervention. She steps in to help Charlotte market her crumb-free Chip Mitts, leading to a lucrative product deal with none other than the Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey. The success of Charlotte's invention becomes the beacon of hope in the face of financial adversity, ensuring that the Sanders family's festive dreams can still come true.

The movie serves as a reminder that, even in times of uncertainty, the spirit of Christmas has the power to turn financial challenges into moments of triumph and celebration.

The Resolution

Amidst the financial uncertainty, Charlotte makes a heartfelt attempt to stop the sale of the dream house she had secured as a surprise Christmas gift for Rob. The stakes are high, and the tension builds as she races against time to reverse the decision that threatens to alter the course of their festive dreams.

Solar-powered hot air balloon on Christmas Night - Best. Christmas. Ever! 2023 - Netflix
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Simultaneously, the movie unveils the realization of Daniel's dream. The solar-powered hot air balloon, intended to circle the world, becomes a symbol of hope and fulfillment. This touching tribute to a lost loved one culminates in a moment of shared joy and remembrance, underscoring the movie's theme of resilience and the ability to turn dreams into reality.

The Sanders Jennings Xmas Newsletter - Best. Christmas. Ever! 2023 - Netflix
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In a heartwarming twist, the families come together to write a joint holiday newsletter, symbolizing unity and newfound bonds. The update reveals that Charlotte and Jackie have ventured into a chip mitt business, with Mariah Carey becoming their first client. The joint success story reflects the collaborative spirit of the season, showcasing that even unexpected partnerships can lead to prosperity.

Chip Mitts Mariah Carey - Best. Christmas. Ever! 2023 - Netflix
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The Sanders and Jennings families find themselves in a place of contentment, having weathered challenges and emerged stronger. The joint holiday newsletter becomes a testament to the transformative power of Christmas, leaving audiences with a resonant message – that the holiday spirit has the ability to turn challenges into opportunities, and dreams into splendiferous realities.

Daniel's Death

In "Best. Christmas. Ever!," one thread leads us through the mystery surrounding Daniel's death. Despite the movie's thorough exploration of various aspects, the circumstances surrounding Daniel's passing remain shrouded in ambiguity, adding an element of poignancy to the narrative.

The movie intentionally leaves Daniel's cause of death undefined, opting for a more nuanced approach to this delicate subject. While it's clear that Daniel's absence is a significant part of the storyline, the details surrounding his passing are kept veiled. This choice respects the gravity of the topic while allowing the narrative to focus on the impact of his absence rather than the specifics of his departure.

Jackie and Valentino - Best. Christmas. Ever! 2023 - Netflix
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Jackie emerges as a pillar of strength in the face of grief. Determined to preserve Daniel's memory, she takes proactive steps, such as creating the Daniel Jennings Memorial Fund. By choosing to celebrate his life rather than dwelling on the circumstances of his death, Jackie exemplifies the resilience and grace that can arise from tragedy.

The movie artfully concludes Daniel's story by unveiling the fulfillment of his dream – a solar-powered hot air balloon. This dream, once confined to the realms of imagination, takes flight in reality. Jackie transforms grief into a tribute, and the hot air balloon becomes a symbol of remembrance, hope, and the enduring nature of dreams.

Navigating the sensitive topic of death, "Best. Christmas. Ever!" delicately explores the impact of loss without delving into too much details. By keeping the focus on honoring Daniel's memory and realizing his aspirations, the movie delivers a poignant message about the enduring power of love and the ways in which we can keep the spirit of our loved ones alive, especially during the festive season.

Wrap Up

As we wrap up the delightful journey through "Best. Christmas. Ever!," a tapestry of heartwarming events, unexpected twists, and festive magic comes to life. From Charlotte and Rob's quest for the perfect Christmas to unraveling the mysteries behind Jackie's seemingly perfect life, the movie skillfully weaves multiple storylines into a cohesive and heartening narrative.

The financial rollercoaster, Monkey Bob's enigmatic presence, and the revelation of Daniel's dreams and tribulations contribute to the intricate layers that make this festive tale both touching and engaging. The resolution of financial challenges through unexpected opportunities, the fulfillment of dreams, and the joint holiday newsletter underscore the movie's theme of resilience, unity, and the transformative power of the Christmas spirit.

Each character's journey, from moments of skepticism to newfound appreciation, adds depth to the narrative, creating a satisfying and uplifting viewing experience. The appearance of an old man resembling Santa Claus in a cloud of smoke after Charlotte's extraordinary Christmas pageant act adds a whimsical touch to the storyline. While the movie doesn't explicitly confirm Santa's existence, the magical encounter aligns with the festive spirit, leaving viewers with a subtle affirmation that, in the world of "Best. Christmas. Ever!," anything is possible during the holiday season.

As we bid farewell to the Sanders and Jennings families, the joint holiday newsletter becomes a metaphor for unity and shared joy, reminding us that, despite life's challenges, the spirit of Christmas has the power to create lasting bonds and turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

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Best. Christmas. Ever! (2023) Explained Daniel's Fate, Ending & More

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