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Release Date: August 25, 2023 | Directed by Emma Seligman

Starring Rachel SennottAyo Edebiri, and more

"Bottoms," a satirical teen comedy has been making waves. This lively and unforgettable film, directed by Emma Seligman, takes us on a whirlwind journey through high school, friendship, and self-discovery.

  • Genre: "Bottoms" fits snugly into the American satirical teen adult comedy genre. It uses humor and exaggeration to shed light on the absurdities of high school life, relationships, and societal pressures.
  • Box Office: Grossed $9.9 million in the United States and Canada as of September 17, 2023.
  • Main Cast: Rachel Sennott as PJ, Ayo Edebiri as Josie, and an ensemble of young talents.
  • Plot: Follows the misadventures of PJ and Josie, two lesbian best friends navigating the complex world of high school while trying to win the hearts of their crushes, Brittany and Isabel.

"Bottoms" Hits the High Notes at the Box Office

"Bottoms" has proven to be a financial triumph, amassing an impressive $9.9 million in earnings in the United States and Canada as of September 17, 2023. This substantial sum reflects the film's undeniable appeal and its ability to resonate with a diverse audience.

From its very first moments on the big screen, "Bottoms" made a splash. With a limited release in ten theaters in major cities like New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Austin, it managed to secure the attention of both critics and moviegoers alike.

Still from the movie Bottoms 2023
Image Source: MGM (Bottoms)

Critics Reactions and Reviews

"Bottoms" isn't just a box office hit; it's also earning accolades from critics who appreciate its unique blend of satire and humor.

With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 93% based on 161 critics' reviews, "Bottoms" is basking in critical acclaim. The film has managed to strike a chord with reviewers, and it's evident in the average rating of 7.7/10. The Rotten Tomatoes consensus beautifully captures the essence of "Bottoms" as "Propulsive and over-the-top, Bottoms is an instant high school comedy classic that feels both current and nostalgic."

Metacritic, another trusted source for film reviews, has bestowed upon "Bottoms" a score of 77 out of 100 based on 38 critics' reviews. This score indicates "generally favorable reviews," further reinforcing the film's appeal to those in the know.

Critics unanimously praise "Bottoms" as a modern teen comedy classic. They commend its relatable characters, clever humor, and fearless exploration of high school's chaotic world. The film strikes a balance between sensitivity and insanity, earning accolades for its direction and screenplay.

While some critics find minor flaws in the screenplay's depth, the lead performances and direction are widely admired. "Bottoms" is hailed as the "horniest, bloodiest high school movie of the 21st century" and lauded for its comedy, delivering an obscene amount of laughter.

Despite occasional surface-level moments, the film's hilarity and shocking elements make it irresistible. Its relentless pace and one-liners establish it as a top high school narrative of the 21st century. It's also recognized as one of the year's best comedies, entering the esteemed list of youth trouble films.

Led by Rachel Sennott, Ayo Edebiri, and Molly Gordon, the cast creates a comedic vibe that sets "Bottoms" apart. Critics collectively celebrate it as a refreshing and unapologetic teen comedy, blending humor, social commentary, and memorable performances to make it a standout in contemporary cinema.

Audience Reactions and Reviews: A Mixed Bag

"Bottoms" has been quite the conversation starter among both critics and audiences. The reception of this movie among the audience is a mixed bag, leaning predominantly toward positivity:

Rotten Tomatoes (90% – 250+ Ratings): This platform showcases a solid 90% audience score, backed by over 250 ratings, indicating a significant portion of viewers found enjoyment in the film.

Metacritic (6.0/10 – 25 Ratings): With 25 ratings contributing to the score, Metacritic's audience rating stands at a relatively favorable 6.0/10, suggesting a positive response from moviegoers.

PostTrak: Renowned for polling audience sentiment, PostTrak reveals an impressive 96% of viewers expressing their strong inclination to recommend "Bottoms." This high recommendation rate speaks volumes about the film's appeal.

IMDb (7.6/10 – Combined 5.3k Ratings): Combining the opinions of 5.3k ratings submitted by viewers, IMDb maintains a respectable 7.6/10 rating, further affirming the film's popularity among the audience.

Google Users (3.5/5 – Combined 72 Ratings): Google users have weighed in with a 3.5/5 rating. What's particularly interesting is that 91% of these users liked the film, indicating a generally favorable sentiment toward the movie.

Common Sense Media (4.0/5): Common Sense Media rates "Bottoms" at 4.0/5, underscoring its positive impact on viewers.

As is often the case with any film, audience reviews for "Bottoms" present a spectrum of views. Some viewers express immense delight, deeming the film "exactly what we needed." They find it to be a source of light-hearted representation, providing laughter and a soothing escape.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are viewers who give "Bottoms" a rather harsh evaluation, labeling it as "zero stars." They cite the film's over-the-top dark humor and a perceived lack of intelligent commentary, expressing disappointment.

For certain members of the audience, "Bottoms" emerges as the movie of the year, described as a perfect blend of raunchiness, humor, and unapologetic themes. They express their intention to rewatch it religiously.

Many viewers found the film hilarious from start to finish, praising its silly yet lovable characters and highlighting its campy and heartfelt moments.

Conversely, a few viewers express a more critical stance, considering it one of the "stupidest and worst movies" they've ever seen, citing issues with pacing and concept execution.

"Bottoms" also receives high praise from viewers who appreciate its subversive take on high school movies and its laugh-out-loud moments.

In summary, audience opinions on "Bottoms" span a wide spectrum, ranging from enthusiastic endorsements to more critical assessments. The film has successfully sparked conversations and invoked strong reactions, solidifying its status as a thought-provoking and conversation-worthy piece of cinema.

Review Aggregator Critics' Score Audience Score
Rotten Tomatoes 93% (161 reviews) 90% (250+ ratings)
Metacritic 77/100 (38 critics) 6.0/10 (25 ratings)
PostTrak 93% overall positive 96% would recommend
IMDb 7.6/10 (combined – 5.3k ratings)
Google Users 91% liked the film (audience) 3.5/5 (audience – 72 ratings)
Common Sense Media 4.0/5

For Whom is This Movie?

"Bottoms" is undoubtedly a standout in the teen comedy genre, but like any film, it may not be everyone's cup of tea. Let's explore who might find this movie a perfect fit and who could consider giving it a pass.

Who Should Watch "Bottoms"?

  1. Teen Comedy Enthusiasts: If you're a fan of teen comedies and appreciate humor that doesn't shy away from being over-the-top and audacious, "Bottoms" could be your next favorite film. Its blend of satire and high school chaos offers a fresh take on the genre.
  2. Lovers of Dark Comedy: If you enjoy dark humor that pushes boundaries and tackles unconventional themes, "Bottoms" might be right up your alley. The film fearlessly explores topics that may not be for the faint of heart.
  3. Audiences Seeking Representation: "Bottoms" has been praised for its unapologetic lesbian themes, making it a must-watch for those who yearn for better LGBTQ+ representation in cinema. It's a rare gem that offers an authentic portrayal of queer characters.
  4. Viewers in Search of Laughter: If you're simply looking for a good laugh and some absurd yet entertaining moments, "Bottoms" delivers on the humor front. It's filled with witty one-liners and comedic chaos.
  5. Fans of Unique Characters: "Bottoms" introduces viewers to a set of quirky and memorable characters. If you appreciate films with well-drawn and distinct character personalities, this one won't disappoint.

Who Might Want to Pass on "Bottoms"?

  1. Audiences Seeking Serious Drama: If you're in the mood for a serious drama or a film with profound, thought-provoking themes, "Bottoms" may not align with your cinematic preferences. It leans heavily into comedy and satire.
  2. Those Uncomfortable with Dark Humor: Given its dark and often irreverent humor, "Bottoms" might not be the best choice for viewers who are easily offended or prefer lighthearted comedy.
  3. People Looking for a Traditional Teen Romance: "Bottoms" deviates from the typical teen romance formula. If you're expecting a straightforward love story, this film's unconventional approach may not meet your expectations.
  4. Audiences with Low Tolerance for Absurdity: This movie thrives on absurdity, and some of its plot elements and characters may be perceived as outlandish. If you prefer more grounded storytelling, you might want to skip it.
  5. Individuals Uncomfortable with Graphic Content: "Bottoms" doesn't shy away from graphic content, including violence and explicit themes. If you're sensitive to such elements, it's advisable to choose a different film.

In the end, "Bottoms" caters to a specific audience seeking a unique and audacious comedy experience. It's a film that thrives on pushing boundaries, and whether it's a must-watch or a pass depends largely on your cinematic tastes and sensibilities.

About the Movie: Unpacking "Bottoms"

"Bottoms" is far from your typical high school comedy. This audacious film directed by Emma Seligman and co-written by Seligman and Rachel Sennott, dives headfirst into a satirical world of teenage chaos, dark humor, and unapologetic exploration of contemporary themes. Let's unpack this unique cinematic experience.

Plot and Characters

"Bottoms" introduces us to the tumultuous lives of PJ and Josie, two lesbian best friends navigating the treacherous waters of Rockbridge Falls High School. Their mission? To gain the attention of cheerleaders Brittany and Isabel, setting the stage for a series of audacious escapades.

PJ and Josie's scheme begins innocently enough, with the launch of girls-only self-defense training sessions. However, these sessions quickly transform into an underground fight club, attracting an eclectic group of students and their troubled teacher, Mr. G.

As the chaos unfolds, secrets are revealed, alliances are tested, and the line between self-defense and vigilantism blurs. The film takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride through the twisted corridors of high school politics, peer pressure, and the desire for social acceptance.

Director and Cast

Director Emma Seligman takes the helm of this satirical teen comedy. Seligman, known for her previous work in "Shiva Baby," brings her unique vision to "Bottoms," crafting a film that challenges conventions and expectations.

"Bottoms" boasts a talented ensemble cast, led by Rachel Sennott as PJ and Ayo Edebiri as Josie. The film also features rising stars like Ruby Cruz, Havana Rose Liu, Kaia Gerber, and Nicholas Galitzine, among others. Their performances breathe life into the quirky characters that populate the story.

Examination of the Film's Style and Humor

"Bottoms" thrives on its unique style and humor. It seamlessly shifts from near-realism to absurdity, keeping viewers on their toes. The humor is edgy, at times dark, and frequently over-the-top, making it a standout in the teen comedy genre.

Highlighting a Significant Moment

(Spoiler Alert): One significant moment in "Bottoms" occurs on the basketball court, where the characters share traumatizing stories of assault and frustration with police inaction. This sobering moment underscores the real-life issues that girls their age face and adds depth to the film's narrative.

Film's Satirical Aspects, Themes, and Character Depth

"Bottoms" is not just a comedy; it's a satirical exploration of the high school experience. It critiques societal norms, gender expectations, and the often absurd nature of teenage life. The characters in the film, while quirky, reflect the complexities of adolescence, making them relatable and multi-dimensional.

Film Duration and Credits

"Bottoms" treats viewers to a brisk and engaging cinematic experience. With a running time of approximately 1 hour and 28 minutes, it strikes a balance between delivering its narrative and keeping audiences thoroughly entertained. This runtime is well-suited for those seeking an immersive yet digestible viewing experience.

The Future of "Bottoms" – What Lies Ahead?

As fans and enthusiasts revel in the audacious world of "Bottoms," it's natural to wonder about the future of this unapologetic teen comedy.

As of the latest available information, there hasn't been official confirmation about planned sequels or spin-off projects directly linked to "Bottoms." However, it's essential to keep an eye on announcements and updates from the creators and production teams.

The success and reception of "Bottoms" could play a pivotal role in shaping its future. If the film continues to gather a dedicated following and maintains its unique appeal, it wouldn't be surprising to see discussions about potential sequels or related projects in the future.

Our Take on the Movie

Director Emma Seligman's vision shines through, pushing boundaries and challenging conventions. The cast, led by Rachel Sennott and Ayo Edebiri, delivers standout performances that breathe life into their quirky characters.

What sets "Bottoms" apart is its willingness to tackle contemporary issues while delivering laughs along the way. It explores themes of identity, rebellion, and the pressures of fitting in, all within the chaotic world of high school. The film's dark humor and satirical approach ensure that it leaves a lasting impression.

While the film's style and humor may not be for everyone, those looking for a fresh take on the teen comedy genre will find "Bottoms" to be a welcome departure from the norm.

Below, we've compiled a table, reflecting our assessment of its strengths and areas with potential for improvement.

Good Aspects Areas for Improvement
Audacious and fearless storytelling Some may find the humor too dark
Talented ensemble cast delivers standout performances Style and tone shifts may not be for everyone
Satirical approach challenges conventions Character depth could be further explored
Thought-provoking exploration of contemporary themes Pacing may feel rapid to some viewers
Memorable moments that provoke thought A more traditional narrative may not appeal to all
Unique take on the teen comedy genre Some viewers may prefer lighter, conventional comedies

In conclusion, "Bottoms" is a wild, unforgettable ride through the tumultuous world of high school. Its audacious storytelling, talented cast, and fearless exploration of contemporary themes make it a must-watch for those seeking a comedy that's as thought-provoking as it is entertaining.

Have You Watched the Movie – "Bottoms"?

Did "Bottoms" live up to your expectations? Were there particular moments or characters that resonated with you? Or perhaps you have a different perspective altogether. Your review and thoughts can provide valuable insights for others considering watching this film.

So, don't be shy! Share your review or thoughts on "Bottoms" in the comments below. Your voice adds to the vibrant tapestry of opinions surrounding this memorable high school comedy. Let's keep the conversation going!

Frequently Asked Questions About "Bottoms" 2023

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"Bottoms" was directed by Emma Seligman, known for her previous work on "Shiva Baby."

The film "Bottoms" has a runtime of approximately 1 hour and 28 minutes, offering a brisk and engaging cinematic experience.

"Bottoms" falls into the category of an American satirical teen adult comedy.

The film boasts a talented ensemble cast, including Rachel Sennott as PJ, Ayo Edebiri as Josie, and a lineup of rising stars who bring their characters to life.

Critics have praised "Bottoms" for its audacious humor, unique style, and fearless exploration of contemporary themes. The film has garnered favorable reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.

As of September 17, 2023, "Bottoms" has grossed $9.9 million in the United States and Canada, with a successful limited theatrical release.

While there hasn't been official confirmation of a sequel, the film's success could potentially lead to discussions about future projects.

"Bottoms" distinguishes itself with its bold approach to dark humor, satire, and contemporary themes. It challenges conventions and offers a fresh take on the high school comedy genre.

"Bottoms" is ideal for those seeking a comedy that pushes boundaries and challenges societal norms. However, individuals who prefer traditional, light-hearted teen comedies may find its style and humor unconventional.

‘Bottoms’ Review - The Comedy Sensation of the Year Laugh Till You Drop

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