"Lisa Frankenstein" (2024) Ending Explained: From Grief to Ghastly Bliss

Lisa Frankenstein delivers a love story that defies convention, blending horror, comedy, and romance in a unique manner. Directed by Zelda Williams and penned by Diablo Cody, this film takes Mary Shelley's iconic Frankenstein novel and gives it an unexpected 1980s romcom twist.

The narrative centers around Lisa Swallows, a high school student with a traumatized past. After a strange resurrection brought forth a 19th-century bachelor, Lisa's life takes an unforeseen turn. The film delves into her unusual friendship and burgeoning love with the reanimated Creature, portrayed with admirable skill by Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse.

In her feature-length debut, director Zelda Williams orchestrates the fusion of horror, comedy, and romance with a deft touch. Diablo Cody, renowned for her wit and exploration of female identity in works like Jennifer’s Body, crafts a script that breathes life into the unexpected love story of Lisa Frankenstein.

Plot Summary

Lisa Swallows, unfolds as a character marked by tragedy. Her once normal life took a dark turn when a mysterious man broke into her home, committing a heinous crime by murdering her mother. Shockingly, justice eluded this criminal, leaving Lisa to grapple with the trauma and become a recluse.

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Haunted by this traumatic event, Lisa adopts a reserved demeanor, speaking little, avoiding eye contact, and seeking solace in the comfort of black clothing. Unfortunately, her family provides minimal support, with her father Dale largely indifferent to her existence. Lisa's stepmother, Janet, portrayed by Carla Gugino, adds to her struggles, embodying the archetype of an evil suburban figure. The high school environment, always challenging for outsiders, compounds Lisa's ordeal.

In her quest for sanctuary, Lisa finds solace in a quiet cemetery, where she nurtures an infatuation with a handsome statue. Lightning striking the grave during a storm becomes the catalyst for an unexpected turn in her life.

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Enter the Creature, a reanimated figure from the Victorian era, brought to life in an unconventional manner. Covered in grime, unable to speak, and bearing physical imperfections, the Creature becomes an unexpected companion for Lisa. Their shared status as outcasts fosters a fast and unusual friendship.

Despite the challenges, this companionship brings a newfound confidence to Lisa's life. The friendship takes an unexpected turn when the Creature, driven by a misunderstanding and a desire to protect Lisa, commits murder, altering the course of their lives forever. Lisa's journey becomes intertwined with the Creature's, as they navigate the consequences of their actions and embark on a peculiar adventure of self-discovery.

As Lisa and the Creature confront societal prejudices and legal consequences, Lisa's outlook on morality undergoes a transformation. The film humorously portrays her willingness to embrace murder as a form of justice, a dark twist exemplified by the sewing of body parts onto the Creature.

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The use of Janet's malfunctioning tanning bed to fuse these disparate body parts adds a layer of complexity to their journey. With each session, the Creature evolves, appearing more human, but also paving the way for unforeseen challenges.

Lisa's journey of self-discovery becomes a rollercoaster, challenging societal norms and redefining her understanding of right and wrong.

Lisa and the Creature's Marriage

In the midst of their unconventional love story, troubles begin to brew for Lisa and the Creature. The local police grow suspicious of Lisa's behavior, challenging their preconceived notions of how a teenage girl should act. Undeterred by societal expectations, Lisa is determined not to die a virgin, leading to a dramatic attempt to seduce her crush, Michael Trent.

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Amidst '80s pop ballad bloodshed, Lisa realizes the depth of the Creature's feelings for her, reciprocating in a surprising turn of events. Despite the vast differences in their backgrounds, separated by centuries and death, these outcasts find a profound connection, declaring each other as soulmates.

As the police sirens wail outside her home, signaling the end of their idyllic period, Lisa takes a sacrificial step. Crawling inside the malfunctioning tanning bed, she makes a poignant decision. The teary-eyed Creature, symbolizing their deep connection, tenderly sets the dial to high. Flames consume the bed, and with it, Lisa seemingly meets her end.

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The aftermath unfolds with Dale and Taffy visiting Lisa's grave, where a somber discovery adds a layer of complexity. The gravestone bears the engraved words "beloved wife." Taffy, silent in her realization, possibly recalling Lisa's love until the end, keeps the revelation to herself.

Lisa's Resurrection

The film leaves the audience in suspense regarding Lisa's fate. The uncertainty surrounding her death raises questions about the mysterious events that transpired in the tanning bed. The absence of a post-credits scene adds to the intrigue, leaving viewers eager for an explanation.

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The film hints at the possibility that Lisa's body was buried, only to be later dug up by the Creature. The method used to resurrect her involves a surge of electricity and heat, reminiscent of the process that brought the Creature to life at the beginning of the film. Considering the unusability of Janet's tanning bed due to the fire, it might be that the Creature utilized another tanning bed to rejuvenate Lisa.

Lisa's heavily bandaged appearance indicates her ongoing recovery from severe burns. The film also suggests that, similar to the Creature's transformation, Lisa must consistently use heat and sparks to progress towards a more human state.

The Creature's Transformation

In the enigmatic tale of Lisa Frankenstein, the Creature undergoes a remarkable transformation. Initially mute, the Creature's inability to speak puzzles viewers, despite intact vocal anatomy. As Lisa and the Creature embark on their unconventional journey, the sewing of body parts – an ear, hand, and even a surprising addition – grants the Creature functionality where it was previously lacking.

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By the film's conclusion, the Creature attains the ability to speak, marking a significant milestone in his transformation from undead to a more human state. The film hints at the possibility that the Creature's progression towards humanity may have been facilitated by continued use of a tanning bed. This intriguing transition unfolds as the Creature evolves into a more complete and expressive version of himself.

The newfound ability to speak becomes crucial for the Creature's survival in the world. This transformative journey suggests that, through perseverance and a consistent regimen of using the tanning bed, the Creature achieves the remarkable feat of opening his mouth and articulating words. The completion of this transition occurs during Lisa's recovery, symbolizing a pivotal moment in the Creature's evolution from a silent figure to one capable of verbal expression.

Lisa's Gesture to Taffy

Amidst the dark twists and turns of Lisa's narrative, a poignant gesture stands out. Lisa, mistreated by Janet and disregarded by her father, finds solace in an unexpected source – her stepsister, Taffy. In a surprising act of gratitude and recognition, Lisa presents Taffy with her mother's rosary, a precious keepsake carrying deep sentimental value.

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The significance of this gesture lies in its rarity. For someone who has been ignored and neglected, Taffy's kindness and efforts to make Lisa feel included hold immense importance. Handing over the cherished rosary becomes Lisa's way of expressing gratitude to Taffy for treating her as a human being with emotions, a stark contrast to the indifference she faced elsewhere.

Taffy emerges as a beacon of kindness in Lisa's tumultuous life. Beyond the shadow of the Creature, Taffy is the sole individual who sees Lisa without judgment or disdain. In a world where Lisa felt alienated, Taffy's acceptance becomes a powerful force. The rosary serves as a token of appreciation, allowing Taffy to remember Lisa in a positive light even after the string of murders that marked the conclusion of their extraordinary journey together.

These gestures and connections add layers to Lisa's character and emphasize the importance of kindness and acceptance in the face of societal challenges.

Opposite Journeys of Lisa and the Creature

In Lisa Frankenstein, we get to see a tale of contrasting journeys, with Lisa Swallows and the Creature undergoing transformative arcs. At the film's inception, Lisa embodies humanity, a seemingly ordinary individual who would never have envisioned resorting to violence. However, as the romantic horror tale progresses, Lisa undergoes an unexpected metamorphosis. She transitions into a character with a penchant for taking lives, embodying a monstrous demeanor, and adopting an indifferent attitude toward life and its complexities.

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Conversely, the Creature, starting as a monster, embarks on a unique trajectory. Initially void of human qualities, the Creature gradually evolves throughout the film. Expressing emotions and developing a genuine care for Lisa, the Creature undergoes a remarkable transformation. The final scenes depict the Creature attaining a more human-like form, marking a poignant culmination of its journey.

The narrative's brilliance lies in the unexpected turns each character takes. Lisa's transformation into a monster, juxtaposed with the Creature's evolution into a more humane entity, adds layers of complexity to their characters. The film prompts reflection on the fluidity of identity and the unpredictable paths individuals may traverse, challenging preconceived notions of humanity and monstrosity.

What Does Lisa Frankenstein's Ending Mean?

Lisa's journey in Lisa Frankenstein is an exploration of identity and grief. Following the tragic murder of her mother, Lisa grapples with profound pain and is diagnosed with traumatic mutism. The film portrays her struggle to navigate grief, emphasizing the isolation and lack of understanding she faces from those around her.

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The Creature, a reanimated Victorian corpse, becomes more than just an unconventional companion for Lisa. Unable to speak, the Creature becomes an essential outlet for Lisa's expression, providing a unique form of support. In the absence of legal consequences, their undead existence offers both Lisa and the Creature a chance at a new life, transforming their individual narratives and intertwining them in unexpected ways.

Amidst Diablo Cody's sparkling dialogue and Zelda Williams' directorial finesse, Lisa Frankenstein emerges as a celebration of individuality. The film champions the quirks and complexities of "weird girls," positioning Lisa's transformation as a metaphor for finding one's voice and confidence. The unconventional love story becomes a testament to embracing uniqueness and cherishing one another for who they truly are.

Setting Up a Sequel

As Lisa meets her demise at the conclusion of Lisa Frankenstein, subtle hints suggest the possibility of a sequel. The film leaves unanswered questions about Lisa's resurrection and the unique life she will lead alongside the Creature as an undead entity. Lisa, in her creature-like state, requires time to recover from the aftermath of her death, setting the stage for a potential sequel to explore her new journey.

With Lisa presumed dead, a sequel could delve into the aftermath of her demise, revealing the life she and the Creature now lead beyond the watchful eyes of Lisa's kin. The undead existence introduces intriguing questions about the duration of their survival and the challenges they might encounter. A potential Lisa Frankenstein 2 holds the promise of answering these questions and offering insights into Lisa's resurrection.

While a sequel to Lisa Frankenstein remains unconfirmed, the film's open-ended conclusion and the shared universe possibility with Jennifer's Body, as mentioned by Diablo Cody, leave the door wide open for the continuation of Lisa and the Creature's extraordinary journey. Anything is possible in this realm of love, horror, and unexpected transformations.

Wrap Up

Lisa Frankenstein encapsulates a tale of love, transformation, and acceptance. Lisa's resurrection as an undead person, the Creature's complete transformation from undead to human, and Lisa's heartfelt gesture of giving Taffy her mother's rosary all contribute to a rich narrative tapestry.

The film concludes with a Frankenstein-worthy twist, defying expectations of a traditional happily-ever-after. Lisa, now resurrected, embodies a newfound confidence and identity. The Creature, having gained the ability to speak, signifies a complete transformation. The unconventional love story between these two morally gray characters challenges norms and leaves the audience with a lingering sense of the extraordinary.

Lisa Frankenstein (2024) Ending Explained From Grief to Ghastly Bliss

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