"Miller's Girl" (2024) Ending Explained: Complexities of Consent

Miller's Girl, the buzzworthy 2024 film led by rising star Jenna Ortega, has captivated audiences with its thought-provoking storyline and stellar cast. Written and directed by Jade Halley Bartlett, the movie delves into the dangerous territory of a relationship between a teacher and student, challenging traditional dynamics and raising questions about its unsettling ending.

The story itself revolves around the unlikely relationship between a middle-aged man and a young woman, both searching for love in unorthodox circumstances. Ethically questionable, their connection highlights the vulnerability and infatuation portrayed by Cairo Sweet, played by Ortega.

Ortega's performance effectively conveyed Cairo's feelings, as the script provided ample opportunity to showcase her character's emotional journey. Jonathan Miller, portrayed by Martin Freeman, expressed hesitation about his actions but couldn't resist the genuine affection he received from an 18-year-old girl, who idolized him in ways his wife couldn't.

The Plot: Cairo and Jonathan's Relationship

As we delve into the intricacies of Cairo and Jonathan's relationship in Miller's Girl, it becomes evident that their connection is fraught with complexity and blurred boundaries. While Jonathan fails in his role as a teacher by allowing an inappropriate relationship to develop with Cairo, the film portrays their relationship as primarily emotional rather than physical, at least for the first half or more of the movie.

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The turning point in their relationship occurs when Jonathan goes to return Cairo's cell phone, which mistakenly ended up in his bag. The rain pours down as Cairo, dressed in a stunning evening dress, meets him outside her house. In this vulnerable moment, Cairo tempts Jonathan to come closer, but he resists, instead asking her to come to him. They share a passionate kiss, and the screen fades to black.

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The subsequent scene reveals Cairo alone in her house, reflecting on the intimate moment they shared. She proceeds to send her provocative midterm paper to Jonathan, which he reads in his work shed. The story she wrote, although using different names, is clearly inspired by their own relationship, taken to extreme levels, including a teacher character engaging in a sexual relationship with a student character.

Here arises the question: Did the events depicted in Cairo's paper truly transpire, or are they merely a figment of her imagination? The scene is portrayed in an intense and heightened manner, leading viewers to believe that it may be Cairo's creation rather than a reality. However, the passionate kiss they shared suggests that there is a genuine connection between them.

Cairo's Actions and Consequences

After Jonathan reads Cairo's paper, he reprimands her, expressing his disapproval of its inappropriate content. He demands that she rewrite it or face failure. Cairo defends her writing, stating that she drew inspiration from their mutual attraction. However, Jonathan fails to acknowledge their connection and dismisses her, referring to her as a child and claiming he made a mistake in trusting her writing abilities.

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In response to Jonathan's refusal to acknowledge their blurred relationship, Cairo's perception of him and their connection takes a sharp turn. She begins to see him differently, labeling him as a mediocre writer and warning him that denying his responsibility in their imagined relationship will lead to his downfall. With a strategic plan in mind, Cairo decides to share her story with the school administrators, ultimately leading to Jonathan being summoned before the school board to explain his actions and face a threat to his career.

However, Cairo's actions don't stop there. During a conversation with her friend Winnie, who herself had a flirtation with another teacher, Boris, albeit not to the extent of Cairo and Jonathan, Cairo pressures Winnie to send Boris a picture of them kissing. The situation escalates further when both Cairo and Jonathan have separate discussions with the vice principal, resulting in Jonathan's suspension. Boris blames Jonathan for his inability to recognize the boundaries, while defending his own actions by claiming he understands where the line is and ensures not to cross it.

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The repercussions of Cairo's actions extend beyond Jonathan's professional life. It also wreaks havoc on his relationship with his wife, Beatrice. While Jonathan's consequences are deserved, Cairo does not see herself as a victim. In a conversation with Winnie about Jonathan's predicament, Cairo reveals that she feels he underestimated her while she overestimated him. She sees the situation as an inspiration for her own growth. Winnie suspects that Cairo is punishing Jonathan because he wouldn't leave his wife for her and threatens to testify against her. Cairo retaliates by threatening to expose the photos and texts she has of Winnie and Boris, aiming to destroy both of them. Although Winnie warns Cairo that this is not a game, Cairo asserts that it is her "greatest achievement."

Amidst the chaos, Cairo recites a new piece of writing, reflecting on her desire to seek something new and how she reached for what Jonathan offered her, only to be made a fool. She ponders whether Jonathan will come to realize his own complicity and be transformed by it, just as she has been. She describes her youth as being ripped away but believes that she has been shaped into something new, quoting a line from Jonathan's book, "grown from the human ruins of a madman's love."

Mr. Miller realizes his mistakes and acknowledges that he was an arrogant fool for cheating on his wife and taking advantage of a teenage girl. However, the film ends with him still defensive, not fully redeemed. Cairo, on the other hand, appears to be hurt by the way things end between her and Mr. Miller, but it is unclear how much of her reaction is genuine or simply material for her college essays.

Ending Explained

At the end of "Miller's Girl," the ambiguity surrounding the ending leaves viewers questioning whether the extreme scenario depicted in Cairo's story is real or imagined. There are two possible interpretations of the conclusion:

Real: If the extreme scenario is considered real, it implies that Jonathan has been emotionally abusing Cairo and manipulating her into believing that their relationship is consensual. This interpretation emphasizes the importance of recognizing unhealthy dynamics in relationships and seeking help when needed. It also highlights the devastating effects of gaslighting and how it can be used to control and silence victims.

Imagined: On the other hand, if the extreme scenario is deemed imaginary, it suggests that Cairo's story served as a warning to Jonathan about the potential consequences of their actions. This interpretation underscores the significance of self-reflection and personal growth in addressing problematic behaviors. It also reinforces the idea that individuals should take responsibility for their choices and strive to create healthier environments for themselves and those around them.

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It is refreshing to have a movie where the female character assumes the role of the antagonist, while the male character becomes the sympathetic protagonist. Although Jonathan Miller is not perfect, I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. The implication is that Cairo Sweet emerges as the victor, while he faces the consequences, potentially losing his job, marriage (which may not be a significant loss), and even his legal standing.

Director Bartlett, in an interview with What to Watch, described both Cairo and Jonathan as villains. Jonathan's faults lie in his failure to recognize his position in the relationship, his inappropriate behavior towards Cairo, and his lack of accountability. Cairo, on the other hand, admits she was drawn to the experience and, although she didn't fully understand it initially, she manipulated the situation to facilitate her perceived growth.

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Miller's Girl is a controversial film with phenomenal acting, complex and intriguing characters, and a storyline that pushes boundaries. Despite dealing with difficult subject matter, the writer and director managed to create a tasteful and gripping movie that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

The film did not rely on nudity to tell its story. Instead, it created a tense and erotic atmosphere through other means. The movie's refusal to be sexually explicit didn't hinder its ability to convey the intended narrative. One aspect that stood out was how the movie showed sympathy for both Freeman's and Ortega's characters, while also acknowledging their flaws.

Controversial Subject Matter

The film does not shy away from portraying the emotional and psychological aspects of the relationship between the characters. It delves into the vulnerabilities and desires of both Cairo and Miller, highlighting the complexities of human emotions and the consequences of their actions.

It is important to note that the film does not condone or glorify the inappropriate relationship it portrays. Instead, it serves as a cautionary tale, illustrating the devastating effects that can arise when boundaries are crossed and ethical lines are blurred.

While not everyone may be comfortable with the subject matter, it is crucial to approach such stories with an open mind, recognizing the value in exploring complex and challenging topics.

Miller's Girl tackles controversial subject matter with thoughtfulness and sensitivity, prompting viewers to examine their own beliefs and engage in meaningful discussions. By exploring the complexities of an inappropriate relationship, the film challenges societal norms and raises important questions about power dynamics and ethical boundaries. While uncomfortable at times, these conversations foster growth and understanding, encouraging us to reflect on the consequences of our actions and the intricacies of human behavior.

Interpretations and Discussions

Miller's Girl invites viewers to engage in interpretations and discussions surrounding the complex themes and controversial subject matter it presents. The film raises thought-provoking questions about power dynamics, blurred boundaries, and the consequences of inappropriate relationships.

One interpretation of the film could focus on the character of Cairo and her longing for escape, meaning, and love. Her actions and desires, driven by literary clichés, highlight the dangers of romanticizing relationships and the need for realistic expectations.

Another discussion point revolves around the character of Mr. Miller and his realization of his mistakes. The film prompts conversations about accountability, remorse, and the potential for personal growth and redemption. Viewers may reflect on the ethical and moral implications of his actions and the importance of recognizing and rectifying one's wrongdoings.

Furthermore, viewers may engage in discussions about the broader societal implications of teacher-student relationships and the power dynamics involved. The film prompts reflections on the duty of care educators have towards their students and the potential for manipulation and exploitation in such relationships. These discussions can lead to conversations about safeguarding measures and the importance of maintaining professional boundaries in educational settings.

It is worth considering the impact of Miller's Girl as a piece of art and its ability to provoke emotional responses and intellectual engagement. The film's controversial subject matter and character portrayals provide a platform for examining moral dilemmas and societal taboos. Engaging in discussions about the film can broaden our perspectives, challenge our assumptions, and foster a deeper understanding of the complexities of human relationships and the consequences of our choices.

Miller's Girl (2024) Ending Explained Complexities of Consent

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