"The Nun 2" Ending Explained: Valak's Return & Haunting Connections

"The Nun 2" stands as the eighth installment in the Conjuring universe, a franchise that has kept us on the edge of our seats through three Conjuring films, three Annabelle movies, and the direct predecessor, 2018’s "The Nun."

First things first, a quick flashback to the bone-chilling events of the original "The Nun." Sister Irene, portrayed by the Taissa Farmiga, faced the demonic force known as Valak in Romania, setting the stage for the unholy terror that unfolds in the sequel.

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It’s four years later, and Sister Irene is happily residing in a new convent in France, trying to move past the traumatic events of the first film. But, horror never rests. Valak resurfaces, compelling Irene to confront the demonic force once again. Not to mention the return of Maurice/Frenchie, played by Jonas Bloquet, the groundskeeper whose life-saving actions in the original film intertwine with the ongoing demonic saga.

Plot Summary of The Nun II

France is where Sister Irene has found solace, her unwavering faith intact, despite the darkness that looms in her memories. Alongside her is Sister Debra, portrayed by Storm Reid, a newcomer to the convent lacking Irene's steadfast belief.

Meanwhile, our friendly handyman-turned-hero, Maurice/Frenchie, has moved on with life. He's now the groundskeeper at an all-girls boarding school in France, fostering a peculiar friendship with a student named Sophie and harboring feelings for her mother, Kate, a teacher at the school. However, Frenchie's seemingly tranquil life takes a dark turn as a malevolent force begins to stir within the school's walls.

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Enter Valak, the sinister force that has haunted the Conjuring universe. This time, the demonic entity is on a quest for the sacred eyes of Saint Lucy, a Christian martyr from the 5th century known as the patron saint of the blind. Valak's pursuit of these divine eyes is relentless, and the trail leads straight to the boarding school where Frenchie unwittingly becomes entangled in the demonic plot.

As Irene and Debra race against time, the boarding school transforms into a battleground between the forces of good and the unholy presence of Valak. Sophie, holding the coveted eyes of Saint Lucy, becomes a focal point in the showdown.

Valak's Motivation: Saint Lucy's Eyes

Valak, the unholy entity that has haunted our nightmares, is on a quest for the sacred eyes of Saint Lucy. But why these eyes, and what significance do they hold in the narrative of this horror sequel?

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Saint Lucy, a Christian martyr from the 5th century, carries a legacy as the patron saint of the blind. Her story involves the gruesome removal of her eyes, an act of persecution that ultimately led to her martyrdom. The peculiar twist? When her body was prepared for burial, her mysteriously restored eyes set her on a divine pedestal as the patron saint of those without sight. It’s this sacred relic, the eyes of Saint Lucy, that Valak relentlessly pursues, seeking the unimaginable power they hold.

"The Nun 2" unfurls a chilling revelation about Valak's origin. Once an angel, this malevolent force faced banishment by the divine hand of God. Now, driven by a thirst for restored power, Valak fixates on the divine eyes of Saint Lucy as the means to regain its former celestial might. The sequel peels back the layers of Valak's history, offering a glimpse into the demon's cosmic fall from grace.

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As Valak wreaks havoc, Irene and Debra realize the demon's relentless pursuit of the eyes is not just a random malevolence but a calculated quest for ultimate power. The sacred relic, once housed in a monastery, now resides in an unsuspecting all-girls boarding school, setting the stage for a demonic showdown. "The Nun 2" thrives on this sinister pursuit, weaving a narrative where the eyes of Saint Lucy become a focal point in the battle between light and darkness.

Defeating Valak: The Final Showdown

Armed with the knowledge of Valak's unholy pursuit of Saint Lucy's eyes, Irene and Debra embark on a perilous mission. The boarding school, once a haven for innocent minds, transforms into a battleground where the forces of good and evil collide.

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In the face of demonic terror, belief and faith emerge as potent weapons. Earlier in the story, Irene and Debra discuss the transformative power of their beliefs, with Debra expressing skepticism and the need for a tangible miracle. Throughout "The Nun 2," Debra witnesses supernatural events that strengthen her faith. In the final confrontation, the power of their collective belief becomes a force to be reckoned with, a stark reminder that sometimes the strength to combat darkness lies within.

Facing off against Valak also demands creative thinking. As Irene, Kate, and Sophie search for Saint Lucy's eyes, Debra keeps a vigilant eye on a Valak-possessed Maurice/Frenchie. A school rumor about a stained-glass window becomes a crucial clue, leading Irene to the eyes. But, it's not over yet. An eerie sound sends Debra on a collision course with a demonic entity in the form of a devilish goat, reminiscent of Black Phillip from "The VVitch." Sophie, clutching the sacred eyes of Saint Lucy, unwittingly becomes a crucial player. As the demonic force of Valak pursues her up the bell tower.

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In the cellar of the boarding school, Irene and Debra face off against Valak, armed with newfound faith. A miraculous survival, a prayer, and a creative twist involving sacramental wine barrels result in a shower of "blood" that causes the demon to melt. Victory seems sweet, but this is the Conjuring universe, and demons don’t always go down without a fight.

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As the demonic smoke clears, we witness the resolution of Frenchie's entanglement with Valak. Seemingly freed from the demonic possession, Frenchie stands restored. However, the history of the Conjuring universe tells us that the path to exorcism is not always linear. Frenchie's fate becomes a tantalizing mystery, with the lingering question of whether Valak's influence lies dormant within him.

As Valak is seemingly defeated, a lingering uncertainty remains. The demon's potential return is shrouded in the history of the Conjuring universe. While this chapter may be closed for now, the sinister whispers of Valak hint at a future where the demon may rise again.

Mid-Credits Scene: The Nun 2 Connects to The Conjuring

In the mid-credits scene, we get to see a ringing phone in the Warren household. A young girl answers, urgently calling for "Mr. Warren." The voice on the other end, Father Gordon, declares an emergency. Ed Warren, portrayed by Patrick Wilson, picks up the phone while Vera Farmiga's Lorraine looks on. The tension is palpable as the scene unfolds, setting the stage for what appears to be a direct link to the Warrens' next supernatural encounter.

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The mid-credits scene isn’t just a tantalizing nugget; it's a breadcrumb trail leading us to "The Conjuring: Last Rite." The brief but intense phone conversation between Ed Warren and Father Gordon serves as a teaser, a promise of more spine-chilling tales from the Conjuring universe.

Curious about what awaits us in "The Conjuring: Last Rite"? Well, you're not alone. Director Michael Chaves, the mastermind behind "The Nun 2," has provided an update on the much-anticipated next Conjuring installment. Despite a brief pause due to a writers’ strike, the gears are now turning, promising fans a fresh dose of supernatural horror.

Father Burke's Absence and Irene's Relation to Lorraine Warren

First off, where's Father Burke in "The Nun 2"? Demián Bichir's character, who played a crucial role in the original "The Nun," is notably absent this time around. The reason? "The Nun 2" reveals that Father Burke ascended to the position of a bishop after the events of the first film but tragically succumbed to cholera shortly after. A subtle but impactful departure, leaving room for the unfolding horrors to draw in new characters.

Throughout "The Nun 2," Irene experiences vivid visions, leading her to realize that she's descended from Saint Lucy. These flashes extend to glimpses of her mother and, intriguingly, a brief vision of Lorraine Warren.

While "The Nun 2" strongly hints at a familial connection between Irene and Lorraine, it stops short of confirming it outright. The Conjuring universe keep us on our toes, and this unconfirmed relation leaves the door wide open for future explorations of Irene's lineage. Could Irene be a younger relative of Lorraine, or is there a deeper, supernatural tie that binds them?

Wrap Up

"The Nun 2" emerges as another victorious chapter in the ever-expanding Conjuring franchise. With its spine-chilling narrative and meticulous connection to the larger universe, the film seamlessly weaves its tale into the fabric of supernatural horror.

Valak, the malevolent force that has haunted our nightmares since "The Conjuring 2," reveals a deeper and more complex history in "The Nun 2." Its quest for the eyes of Saint Lucy sheds light on a demonic entity banished by God, hinting at a potential return in future Conjuring films.

"The Nun 2" not only reaffirms the franchise's prowess in delivering bone-chilling narratives but also sets the stage for the next wave of supernatural encounters.

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The Nun 2 Ending Explained Valak's Return & Haunting Connections

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